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Don't write off Eraserman

A Bradenton man hopes his new tough-talking ’toon, who erases wrongs with a flick of his hands, will triumph in the marketplace.


Two kids puff away on a cigarettes in the school bathroom. They nervously glance toward the door as in bursts...Eraserman! He travels along on a pencil point, an eraser for his head and erasers for hands and an “eraser-phazer" on his left index finger. He erases the cigarettes right out of their hands and then turns the eraser-phazer at each of them. A beam of light comes out and illuminates the wall in front of them……….“Don’t Even Think About It”. Eraserman has triumphed again.  James Tomany, Eraserman’s creator, hopes that the superhero figure will triumph as a must-have in the superhero world. He envisions a whole line of products, maybe a cartoon series and action figures. Tomany designed Eraserman several years ago and is now launching the Eraserman Superhero. 

He has T-shirts emblazoned with Eraserman on the front and “Don’t Even Think About It” on the back ready to sell. Eraserman is geared towards getting kids to turn their backs on evil influences such as drugs, guns and violence and bullying.  Kids are getting into trouble at a younger age,” said Tomany.  “They need a non-violent superhero to look up to.”

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