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the film
Planet and Moon


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The facts

ERASERMAN came from the planet ERASOS, thousands of light years from Earth. He is half pencil and half superhero. All of his fingers are erasers, as well as the top of his head. He has come to Earth to help children erase crime, drugs, violence, smoking, bullying, hatred, prejudice, and all other types of evil. Because ERASERMAN is also half pencil, he has the ability to write messages, messages that make positive statements your children will remember.

In these confusing times, children NEED a superhero. One that does not use violence, but teaches good values and morals. ERASERMAN will engage your children with lots of action, excitement, and gentle humor. When children are engaged with a character, they can learn from that character. ERASERMAN will help teach children to distinguish right from wrong and how to respond in various situations. The children ERASERMAN interacts with are children who act, talk, and think like real children, just like your children.

We will address issues such as gun safety, smoking, graffiti, crime, bullying at school, drugs, and other situations. But we will also remember to have fun. ERASERMAN helps real life children face real life situations in his own out-of-this-world, "SUPER" way!

The mission
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